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Another semester in the bag

Published: Thursday, December 8, 2011

Updated: Friday, December 9, 2011 01:12

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving break, and that you are ready for that final push towards the end of the semester. This is the time that you really need to remain focused on your academics.

At this point you should have taken care of the required actions necessary in order to be enrolled in classes next semester. The cut-off dates for the advising period, class registration, housing forms and spring bills have all passed. The reason it is so important that these deadlines were met is that we need to know your plans for next semester. Housing is at a premium on campus, and we will have some students returning from studying overseas and others returning from deployment. We want to make beds available to these students, as well as to all students who met the established deadlines.

I hope that everyone plans to come back next semester; however, if you know you will not be returning to campus, please let the administration know so that we can plan accordingly.

I would like to once again emphasis the importance of the Safe Rides program. After the tragic car accident in October, I held an all-student meeting to discuss the issue of drinking and driving, and stressed the importance of utilizing designated drivers and the Safe Rides program. I am happy to report that many of you took this message to heart. For two years the Safe Rides program had no riders. During the period of time between Oct. 20 and Nov. 12, 41 students used the service. This is great news.

I would like to remind everyone that Safe Rides is not solely for people who are impaired and unable to drive. If a student's designated driver has been drinking or if a student - female or male - is feeling unsafe at a party for any reason and wants get away from the situation, Safe Rides will pick them up. Safe Rides is available for any circumstance where you need a safe return to campus. I remind you that there have been no VAPS as a result of students using this service. I ask that you continue to make good decisions, and remember Safe Rides if the need ever arises.

We have had a very busy fall semester at Norwich. In addition to your many successes, both in and out of the classroom, you have been faced with unexpected challenges and adversity. You worked together to help the Central Vermont community recover from extensive damage caused by tropical storm Irene, and your efforts were recognized on the national stage. You also coped with several tragedies including two car accidents that claimed the life of a fellow student and severely injured several others. As you dealt with these events you were forced to mature and bond over a short period of time. You handled these situations admirably, and I am proud of all of you.

Good luck during the final weeks of the semester. Study hard!


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