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Career Corner

  • Questions You may ask your employer?

    The last Career Corner story focused on the different types of questions students are often asked during interviews. However, a question students frequently ask us in the Career Development Center is, "What kinds of questions should I ask the employer?" Asking questions of the employer helps project your enthusiasm for the company and the job.

  • Focus on: Interview questions

    "Practice makes perfect!" That old adage applies to rehearsing for plays and recitals, and also to practicing for employment interviews. Are you prepared to answer these common types of interview questions? If you need more information or would like a free list of 50 commonly asked questions, visit the Career Development Center, Room 232 Wise Campus Center.

  • NU Career P.L.A.N. Professional Learning and Advisory Network

    Most of you have heard, "It's not what you know. It's who you know." Now, the Norwich University Career Development Center is planning to help you capitalize on that concept. The NU Career P.L.A.N. (Professional Learning and Advisory Network), is a relatively new program, available online, which matches students with alumni who have volunteered to serve as mentors.

  • Focus on: Where to Search for Jobs

    Not all of the ideas below will apply to everyone; use what you can from the list below. Contact the Norwich University Career Development Center at (802) 485-2125 or if you need more information or advice! Go to the NU Career Center website at www.

  • Career Corner Video clips bring answers to your career questions

    Have you ever wondered? * I understand the salary offer, but how much are those benefits worth? * What is it like to work for a nonprofit organization? * What would it really be like to work abroad? * Why would an interviewer ask me how many jelly beans it takes to fill a 747? * What should I know about professional behavior? * How can I network more effectively? Now you can find answers to these and many of your other career related questions on the Career Center section of the Norwich Online Community.